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What we do

We help companies make an impact on the citizens of tomorrow

From ESG to employer branding: we help our partners in impact transform long-lasting goals into hands-on, collaborative learning programmes.


What we can work on together

We go beyond schools to empower companies to make an impact that lasts on future generations.

Sustainability & ESG, for real

Measurable social impact. With our educational programmes, we help companies meet their sustainability and ESG goals by raising awareness of inspiring values, solutions and actionable ideas - preparing the next generation of citizens for the challenges ahead.

(Native) Employer Branding

Not the typical employer branding campaign. From inclusivity to coding, hard and soft skills: we bring the expertise of passionate professionals into the classroom, giving Gen Z and Alpha students the chance to explore new passions and opportunities.

Strategic Communication

Don't call it marketing. We help like-minded companies identify messages that resonate with the new generations, transforming these messages into learning experiences that stick - through a tailor-made, always new toolbox of educational content.

We design programmes to meet long-lasting goals

Sustainability & ESG
Circular Agents
An interactive mission to discover the most sustainable practices for saving the world, starting from circular economy
An educational programme to bring 21st-century critical thinking into the classroom
Obiettivo Sostenibilità
Lesson plans and gamebooks to talk about digital innovation and circular economy at school
Employer Branding
An educational programme to see the future of work from a different perspective, literally
Shaping a new narrative for the retail sector with an engaging programme around the whole idea of effective (and visual) communication
All Gen Z students need to know about the CV of the future, as told by the experts of EY
Strategic Communication
An interactive Escape Room to discover all the secrets of sustainable marketing, business entrepreneurship, and tomorrow’s green jobs
Saved by Stories
What school would Virginia Woolf recommend to your niece? A programme to help today’s students understand their talent… with a little bit of imagination
An interactive journey into sustainability and the jobs of the future for both students and teachers

Our ecosystem





What teachers have to say

“All students were able to show their talents”

8 Ago 2022
Even pupils who are usually very shy and unwilling to take action could express their personalities and show their talents with this WeSchool program
Roberta M., secondary school teacher

“Awesome teacher training!”

31 Mar 2022
I just finished the latest WeSchool course for teacher training. I seize the chance to thank all the WeSchool team members for the quality and accuracy of their content
Francesca D., secondary school teacher

“Loved the projects!”

6 Oct 2022
I want to thank the entire WeSchool team for their kindness and support. We are happy to have been able to participate in the project: our students' enthusiasm is worth all our efforts"
Matteo F., middle school teacher

“Amazing experience!”

2 Jul 2022
It was such an amazing experience! We’ve all learned so much, both us teachers and students. Congrats!
Giuseppe L., middle school teacher

“Teaching materials are spot on”

10 Sep 2022
Our students dealt with the 5 challenges proposed and I loved hearing them discussing what they learnt during the lessons. The materials were informative and all my students appreciated them: they sparked many conversations and prompted my students to deep dive into the subjects. Thank you so much!
Alice M., secondary school teacher

“A pleasant surprise”

15 Nov 2022
Thank you for your programme, I found really useful the support of WeSchool tutors in the learning community! Your activities were a really pleasant surprise, and I’d definitely participate in another programme again.
Stefano R., middle school teacher
Shall we design a programme?
If you are wondering whether we can create some impactful learning content together - or if you just want to discuss a couple of ideas for a potential educational programme, fill in the form. We’ll get back to you soon.
Tell us more


01. Are your programmes online only? Spoiler: nope!

The activities designed for students happen 100% in person at school. Our programmes are made to help teachers bring interactive, hands-on activities into classrooms to do during instructional hours. However, our team decided to make teacher training more scalable by making it happen online. How? Through the online social learning community on our platform devoted to each programme.

02. Why do you train teachers on a community learning platform?

For three reasons: 1) It’s more scalable: we can reach schools anywhere, anytime; 2) It has a bigger impact: teachers know their students better and know how to tailor-make our programmes to meet their specific learning needs; 3) It’s more sustainable: teachers can repeat what they learnt and did with us for many years (and students!) to come.

03. What’s in it for teachers?

Well, teachers are happy to take part in our programmes for several reasons: first, we help them tackle topics not easy to discuss in the classroom with free, ready-made materials designed by Instructional Design experts; second, we provide them with our social learning platform where they can talk with their peers, and and have the support of WeSchool tutors to make them feel taken care of and encouraged. Often, they will have to complete milestones to unlock the next batch of materials, by sharing students’ assignments or projects with us. For all these reasons, our programmes have an 81% completion rate!

04. How do you choose what schools to involve?

We make this decision collaboratively with our partners. We jointly define the number of teachers and students to onboard, and then we reach out and engage with schools and educators using a variety of means (emails, social networks, phone calls, etc.) to ensure the achievement of this goal.

05. Ok, let’s partner. What effort is required?

It’s totally up to you! After having agreed on the topic of the programme, we create all the teaching materials (branded with the partner’s palette and logo) and we foster the teachers’ and students’ involvement. We usually set up regular meetings with the partners to talk about the status of the programme and, if desired, we can involve the partners’ employees as ambassadors or mentors. We provide them with soft skills training and prepare them in advance to visit schools during pivotal stages of the programme to interact with students.

06. And what’s in it for WeSchool partners?

Education is the best way to craft talents and to have an ever-lasting impact on the future we want to build. Did you know that every teacher meets on average 1.2K students during their career? The programmes we develop with partners equip teachers with skills and knowledge they can pass onto their current and future students. Furthermore, our programmes are tailored from the ground up using partners’ value propositions and expertise and we translate your impact goals into hands-on activities and teaching materials.

Psst, at the end of the programme we measure the impact the programme had and share the results with you, in case you want to mention that in your ESG report.

Unlock the talent of Education with us