Power Your Future

From 10 to 20 hours
🤝 Transversal skills: critical thinking, problem solving, analytical skills
🧑‍🏫 Teacher training: role play and debate
⚡️ Energy science: from the clean energy sources to the energy supply chain
Integration with the curriculum: compliant with governmental guidelines for Science and Environmental Science, Civic and Citizenship Education and Geography and Literacy (Speaking and Writing)
September 2023 - January 2024

Power up your students' mind with innovative teaching

Climate emergency, lack of resources, energy crisis: what can the citizens of the future do to face the challenges of the present? Empower them with critical thinking skills with our fully-funded education programme!  

Power your Future is a 10-hour educational course created to prepare Gen Z students with the required skills to tackle the most complex problems of our time. It does this  by helping them analyze data, interpret information and develop solid arguments.

The course equips teachers with tools to discuss current affairs, such as the energy crisis and lack of resources, in an understandable and engaging way thanks to didactic activities using Role Play and Debate in the classroom.

How does it work?


Power your Future lends itself to a multidisciplinary approach: it enhances your students’ data analysis skills and helps them deepen their knowledge of physics and science while developing argumentative writing and speaking skills. The programme has been designed to make lessons compliant with governmental guidelines for England, Scotland and Wales and it covers from 4 to 8 hours in the disciplinary areas of Science and Environmental Science, Civic and Citizenship Education and Geography and Literacy (Speaking and Writing).


Join a digital community to meet colleagues, share experiences and best practices. You will be able to access training materials, the Teacher’s Manual and a guide to learn how to train students’ critical thinking using Role Play and Debate methodologies. You will also have WeSchool tutors in all phases of the course for technical and pedagogical support.


Choose between two missions. In “Power your Future”, students test their analytical and reasoning skills through Role Play and Debate activities. In “From science to soft skills”, students learn to analyze information and data using a scientific method, as well as develop their communication skills and immerse themselves in collaborative activities.

The students’ missions

(Role) Play Your Cards!

In the first mission, students put themselves in the shoes of the leaders of fictional countries. Why? So they collaborate with peers through a role-playing game. During the role-play, students analyze information to write a proposal for a new energy policy. They end up working together to overcome contingencies and challenges while ensuring enough resources are available for citizens.

Digital Debate

In the second mission, students engage in a debate. As members of a city science committee, they argue about the clean energy sources that will set their future in motion. In teams, they develop an effective strategy to defend their motion and convince the jury … with arguments!


For more information, write to us at poweryourfuture@weschool.com


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