12.000 students
2021 - 2024

An international programme to explore the tech skills of the future by designing an innovative app at school

AWS (Amazon Web Services) GetIT is a learning programme and competition aimed at fighting the skill gap in STEM with a recipe of elements: interactive activities, role models, and learning games.


The programme gives 12-14 year-old students the opportunity to learn more about the cloud and sustainable technology, providing them with the tools to make a positive impact on the environment we all live in.

A deep dive into the STEM world

From tech skills to professional opportunities in the STEM sector: with hands-on activities, live meetings with professionals in the industry, and innovative teaching methods, such as Design Thinking – a framework aimed at boosting ideas and innovation, students became knowledgeable about the nuts and bolts of tech concepts and tools. 

More than mentors

Students and teachers had the opportunity, during the programme, to meet AWS ambassadors – AWS employees or clients – meant to support the participants of AWS GetIT throughout their whole learning experience.

“The experiential learning of the programme and the development of soft skills is something that will be valuable for [the students’] future”
Hear it from the client

Apps meant to change the world

The final output of AWS GetIT? To design an app that has the potential to change the school, the community… or even the world!


In a challenge involving schools from all over the country, students had to present their own app projects to a team of tech experts to win the title of the most innovative app.

“The learning material was incredibly informative and the support of the ambassadors was essential for the outcome of the project work”
Teachers speak out


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