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Andrea Migliorini
From advertising to education: here’s why I decided to change my life
May 11, 2023

Education is, by design, a life-changing experience – both when you give and when you receive it. But you don’t necessarily have to be a teacher or an academic to make this part of your profession. Here’s a story that will show you how. 


After working in the advertising industry for more than ten years, Jorge chose to change his career plans: becoming a father led him to realize the importance of leaving a positive impact on society – even against his own preconceptions about Education!

Before and after Edu

What’s fundamental for a career shift to happen? A shift in perception. Before joining WeSchool, Jorge felt that the Education industry wasn’t the right place for him. Then, something made him change his mind.

A quest for positive impact

What was the path that led Jorge to realize what he wanted from his professional life and that Education was the answer? Spoiler alert: it’s a hopping story.

Legacy, ethics, impact, aka what are we giving back to society? After the pandemic, more and more people are asking themselves this question, looking for a company whose mission resonates with their personal story – like it happened for Jorge. 


In technical terms we can talk about a net positive business.

“A business that improves well-being for everyone it impacts and at all scales—every product, every operation, every region and country, and for every stakeholder, including employees, suppliers, communities, customers, and even future generations and the planet itself”
Paul Polman and Andrew Winston
Net Positive: How Courageous Companies Thrive by Giving More Than They Take
3 words for Education

Participating in different industries is like traveling and discovering different cultures: it rounds us up, unlocking new passions and obsessions, transforming us into better professionals and opening new doors. From Instructional design to a strange Napolitan word: here are three words that sum up Jorge’s experience in the Education industry.

Shaping the future of Education

Education does not only refer to schools and universities. It’s part of our everyday life, and we should advocate for its importance. But how do we measure the impact of our work? How do we want Education to be for future generations? Here’s Jorge’s take.

Jorge Seeliger shares the quest for positive impact and legacy which led him to drop the advertising world to start a life-transforming career in Education.
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