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Learning Templates

The complete checklist to partner training

5 minutes
Who is this for?
Partner trainers looking to improve the traninig outcomes of their trainees
Companies of all sizes, SMEs, enterprises, and non profit organizations, that want to build a training program to train their partners, and associates

What’s inside?

Learn up to 28 tips to drive the sales of your partners through effective training by taking care of the three stages of their training: onboarding, engagement and tracking feedback. 


This checklist goes through the entire process of partner training and gives you actionable steps, including the essentials and ways to go the extra mile.

Learn how to:

Set up the onboarding process.

Onboarding partners is slightly different to onboarding new employees. Learn how to welcome partners by making them feel part of the internal team with open communication channels and close support.

Encourage teamwork between stakeholders.

Because there’s nothing worse for team morale than low motivation to collaborate. Use these tips to encourage partners and internal teams to work together.

Track the performance of channel partners.

Once partners are set up, it can be harder to measure their impact when they don’t work like internal hires. Learn how to track progress to improve training and impact sales.


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